Motivation for Pursuing a Career Term Paper

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Term Paper on Motivation for Pursuing a Career in the Assignment

In writing this essay, I realized that my motivation for pursuing a career in the field of Pharmacy is an unusual one. I did not learn to value the importance of being a pharmacist until my grandmother was diagnosed to with Alzheimer's disease. My family's fight with my grandmother's illness further worsened with the inadequate medical expertise and supplies of medicine in Iran that my grandmother needs. Hence, I became her 'personal assistant,' taking care of her everyday, which includes, among others, keeping track of her medication schedules. Like a medical student learning the wonders of science through the medicine that it produces, I also began to appreciate the importance of medicine and the process of medicating, even going so far as to research about them and how they help improve the condition of my grandmother. Ironically, in a moment where our family is experiencing deep socio-emotion (even financial) crisis, I have found… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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