Essay: Motivation Theories and Organization Behavior

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¶ … Motivation Theories and Organization Behavior

Motivation is an internal state or condition that influences an individual's external behavior. Ways of influencing motivation can be crude, as in the case of classical or operant conditioning. These techniques use external stimuli to create an association between the desired behavior and a reward and/or an association between a punishment and a negative behavior. Other motivational techniques are not nearly as crude: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs suggests that individuals are motivated by fulfilling intrinsic needs. However, basic physiological demands, such as shelter and security, must be fulfilled before a person can think of higher-level needs, such as self-actualization (Huitt 2001).

The Consistency Theory of Motivation suggests that individuals seek the comfort of aligning their inner and outer states. This is one reason why there is often such little motivation to change standard operating procedures, given the temporary discomfort it causes for the individual. Control theory suggests individuals seek a sense of control over the world, much like Attribution Theory suggests that individuals are apt to… [END OF PREVIEW]

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