Mountain Home, Arkansas, Mountain Paradise Term Paper

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It has something for everyone, from mom and dad to the kids and the grandparents. Families can enjoy water sports, camping, hunting, fishing, and recreation galore. They can even learn a little more about the ecology of the area when the visit the Norfork National Fish Hatchery. "The hatchery is responsible for raising three kinds of trout: rainbow, brown, and cutthroat" ("Hatchery"). Kids will love learning more about how fish develop and mature, and mom and dad will get a better understanding of just how those trophy size trout end up in the lakes and streams of the area. You can enjoy the rivers first-hand, too, with many special river trips, from kayaking to leisurely cruises. "A special event in any visitor or resident's life is a day-long johnboat trip with shore lunches cooked on a sandbar" ("North Central").

4. Envision a Lake with Your Name on It

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Close your eyes, and envision a beautiful lake, swimming with fish, but uncrowded and waiting just for you. You've just pictured Norfork Lake outside Mountain Home, "with wide open, breezy stretches for sailing and quiet, secluded coves for skiing and swimming, the clear and uncrowded waters of Norfork are ideal for water sports" ("Norfork"). On the nearby Buffalo River, "Canoeing is the top activity, but camping, hiking and warm-water fishing are also popular ("Mountain Home"). Picture camping somewhere on the shores of the 550-mile shoreline, taking a deep breath to discover the aromas of campfires, pines, and hickories. Picture a lazy day on the lake, or a tour of the Fish Hatchery that the kids will love. Peace and tranquility are the order of the day, and you might even see a deer or two as you lounge in your campsite ("Norfork").

6. Getting There is Easy

TOPIC: Term Paper on Mountain Home, Arkansas, Mountain Paradise Assignment

It's easy to get to Mountain Home from any area of the state, and it doesn't take more than a couple of hours to get there. So, when the daily grind is about to grind you down to nothing, it doesn't take much planning to hop in the car and head for Mountain Home. If you don't feel like roughing it in the campgrounds, then head for one of the many hotels and resorts in the area. You can sleep in a tent, or sleep in a quaint cottage on the shores of Bull Shoals Lake. Whatever you desire, you can find it in Mountain Home, you just have to come and find it for yourself.

The next time you're looking for the perfect Arkansas destination, look no further that Mountain Home. With it's variety, small town atmosphere, and big town attractions, Mountain Home is the perfect place to stay, play, and rejuvenate. Visit the Ozarks, take a leisurely boat rid, fish, swim, and enjoy the great outdoors as only Mountain Home has to offer. It's the perfect vacation destination for the perfectly natural outdoor experience.


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