Mountain Man and American Anguish Article Review

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" The author uses Williams, the drunken and slovenly mountain man who agrees to act as a guide in the "fickle West" because of his greed and becomes a cannibalistic shadow/pariah because of it. Another strength is the author's knowledge about American media in the early 1970's through the mid-1990's, as the author discusses numerous representations of heroes/villains/pariahs/shadows/scapegoats.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Article Review on Mountain Man and American Anguish. Assignment

The article has at least several weaknesses. First, the author uses some "mountain men" who are not "mountain men." He says the "mountain man" is "the fur trapper and/or trader of the United States of America's nineteenth-century trans-Mississippi West." However, he uses Pasquinel, McKeag and Grizzly Adams, who can be seen as other types of men: Pasquinel and McKeag are "river men" and Grizzly Adams is a "wilderness zookeeper." The author should have expanded his definition of "mountain man" or reduced the examples to men who fit his definition. A second weakness is the author's failure to follow through on all the 5 added themes of the "mountain man" in the early 1970's to mid-1990's: Vietnam soldier; repression of effects from the Vietnam War; men as victims of war, government, and women; fear/hatred of women; loss of individual liberties; rather, the author just makes announcements that the "mountain man" represented some of those themes. A third weakness is that the author seemed to forget about the "mountain man" in media in order to lecture about the bad effects of Vietnam, for example. All-in-all, the article made some interesting points but the author tried to prove too many arguments/themes with a very limited definition of "mountain man" and without continually focusing on the connections between media representations and his arguments/themes.
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