Move Yourself the Book Book Review

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Move Yourself

The Book I Chose and Why I Chose It

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I chose the book "Move yourself" (Mitchell, Church, & Zucker, 2008), since I myself have repeatedly attempted to start different exercise regimens, and because I am somewhat confused by the hemorrhaging of books on the subject. Exercise seems to me a field that is split into multifarious sub-fields, and I have, at times wondered whether all of these -- such as weight lifting and calisthenetics are necessary. The five different types of exercises -- isometric, isotonic, isokinetic, anaerobic, and aerobic -- have confused me. I wondered about the differentiations between each, and how I could fit all in to my very oppressed schedule. Finally, many books that I have read have amplified the importance of regular gym attendance. Not having time or money to afford a gym, I wondered what Cooper's advice was, and was wildly relieved although skeptical to discover that not only did he deem membership at a gym unnecessary but that the thought merely minimal activity would be sufficient (at least initially). Following Kenneth Cooper's advice, Mitchell et al. (2008) firstly recommend a medical examination before beginning a program of aerobic exercise; secondly suggest a 'stress test' (an exercise electrocardiogram) in order to detect any abnormal cardiac activity during exercise; and thirdly suggest less strenuous activity than is popularly accepted. Even a bit of activity Mitchell et al. (2008) maintained increases your blood flow, makes your nervous system work better and improves your metabolism. You do not need a lot of exercise to live a healthy life.

Part II; Two Topics of Interest

The two points that most intrigued me were the authors' observations that: 1. "A little activity goes a long way" and, 2. That focusing on fitness eliminates the part of the belly fat that is the most detrimental to one's health.

Book Review on Move Yourself the Book I Chose and Assignment

1. "A little activity goes a long way" -- Mitchell et al. (2008) point out that exercise need not be intimidating and, on the contrary, a sedentary life "beyond a shadow of doubt... directly causes chronic disease and a shorter life span" (p.5). Approximately 75% of U.S. adults are sedentary, and this high percentage can be avoided by a small amount of exercise per day. "A little physical activity goes a long way" (7). Using a stepcounter (or "pedometer") that counts the number of steps you take per day will tell you how sedentary you are. 8,500 steps and above per day are recommended. And this can be achieved by walking, by cycling, or by using a stationary bike. Strenuous activity -- breaking into a sweat -- is unnecessary.

2. Focus on fitness not thinness -- Body types depend on the individual. There is no one 'normal' body type. Focus instead on fitness, and when… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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