Movie Amazing Grace 2007 Essay

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¶ … Pertinence of the film "Amazing Grace"

The 19th century brought with it a period of progressive enlightenment. The intellectual, philosophical and social developments of the previous decade, and particularly the battle for independence and self-determination waged by the peoples of places like the United States and France, had helped to change ideology and policy development throughout the world. The British Empire would be an important part of this transition, both as the center for change-resistant traditionalism and for what might be regarded by some as radical cultural transformation. The issue of the slave-trade of enslavement would be perhaps the most pressing and hotly contested issue of the time, with an old guard of parliamentary Britons insisting on the importance and the ethical justification for enslaving African transplants and with a score of young, energetic idealists entering British parliament with the intent to eliminate the barbaric practice. This is the inflection point which is captured so well in Michael Apted's 2006 film, Amazing Grace.

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Drawing its name from the remarkable and important abolitionist hymn composed by John Newton -- a featured character due much admiration according to the film in question -- Amazing Grace traces the efforts of anti-slavery figures and leaders in the British Empire during its driving to its peak of powers. The film's portrayal of William Wilberforce is an evocative demonstration of the tireless efforts of the above mentioned idealists. Channeled through this figure who our reading tells us did in fact levy a huge impact on his ambitions and on the world, the film glorified the efforts of Wilberforce and his colleagues.

Essay on Movie Amazing Grace 2007 Assignment

To the best apparent indication given by our readings and research, this is a fair portrayal of the young man who entered Parliament at 21 years of age. Indeed, his youth and that of Prime Minster William Pitt -- who held the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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