Movie: A Better Tomorrow ) Film Review

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¶ … movie a-better-tomorrow-1986 revolves around two childhood friends who are also counterfeiters; Mark and the beginning of the film these two men are living quite a high life and are seen to be lighting cigars using paper money. But just like all gangster movies the end of their supremacy is beckoning. This end comes when Ho is double crossed and eventually getting a prison sentence that provokes Mark to seek revenge. Mark is wounded during a gunfight in a room that was filled with rival gangsters but he also succeeded in bringing down some of the occupants of the room with bullets. These wounds rendered Mark a liability and soon the criminal limelight the Mark and Ho had dominated is wrestled by an upcoming the same time Ho is released and makes the decision of going straight for the same of his brother whose career as a rookie cop had no future of advancement due to the blood ties he has with a known gangster .however his going straight is marred by various obstacles one of them being Ho's former prot'g who now heads the criminal empire and has been keeping Mark in the garage and had him relegated to bum duties.

Several years after the events that had taken place in a better tomorrow Ho is offered parole in exchange for him to spy his former boss who is suspected to be carrying out a counterfeiting operation. However since Lung was Ho's mentor he declines this offer but changed his mind when he discovered that his younger brother was working on the same case. Lung was framed for murder and asks Ho to help him escape to New York but he suffers a psychotic breakdown after he got news… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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