Reaction Paper: Movie Real Women Have Curves

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Movie -- Real Women Have Curves

Real Women Have Curves

Patricia Cardaso's 2002 motion picture "Real Women Have Curves" clearly distinguishes itself from the typical Hollywoodian films involving an individual belonging to a minority and a series of stereotypes relating to the respective individual. It proves that a film does not necessarily have to have a big budget in order to send the message its crew wants to send to the public. The audience is constantly intrigued and lured across the movie by eighteen-year-old Ana Garcia's life.

The location of the Garcia family is somewhat conventional, given that the masses expect to see Latinos living in low class neighborhoods in Los Angeles, right next to wealthy areas, expressing a very intense contrast. Ana is a brave young woman struggling to shape her life in accordance with her desires, and not with what her family expects from her. In spite of the fact that she has to play a complex role, America Ferrera triumphs heroically and manages to put across sincere acting without overstressing the public.

People are likely to be captivated by this film, thinking about it long after they left the cinema. The acting and the cinematography improves the feeling that this does not necessarily have to be a figment of imagination, as it is very likely for the events in the film to have happened in real life. However, because the acting is at times hectic and particular happenings in the film seem unlikely to happen in reality, parts of the public might feel that they have to involve more concentration in trying to figure it out. Most people's position on topics like overweight and discrimination based on ethnicity will be confronted by the action in this motion picture. Sure, it is wrong to have a biased perception, but Ana's behavior makes it virtually incredible to think about how differentiation is ignored by some.

Ana has no interest in hiding her flaws and she is aware that this is who she is and that she does not have to shape her ideas in accordance with what other people think of her. Ana does not hesitate to put across her thoughts, regardless of the circumstances. Even when she is with her lover in the bedroom and most people find it perfectly normal for her to be embarrassed (considering that she is a virgin, overweight, and a Latina), Ana proves that she does not believe in stereotypes.

While the acting appears to be sincere, the script makes it difficult for the audience to associate it with reality. Fairy-tale-like events are present throughout the movie and as the story advances some might get the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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