Movie Script About Feminism in High School Creative Writing

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Feminism in High School

Fade in:

Int. Cafeteria -- Lunch time

In a bustling cafeteria full of teenaged students most are more focused on texting and talking than on eating their meals. The center of activity is the middle table where the stereotypical jocks and cheerleaders hold court over the rest of the school.

JONAH, seventeen-year-old typical high school boy who does not belong to the in crowd, nor is he classified as "nerd" or other outsider. He is a nonentity at his school and sits with similar nonentities while they poke at their food and talk about nothing in particular.


Every single day of my life, as far back as I can remember I have had to witness things which I do not agree with. But that's life right?

You sit back and watch. Before that fateful April day I had just let them go. it's not your business I said to myself. Maybe if I had done that. I look back torn between applauding my audacity and wanting to punch myself in the face or scream, like in a horror movie when the audience hollers at the blonde soon-to-be victim to get out of the house.

A girl, AMANDA, walks past. She is not beautiful in the traditional sense of the word but has a face full of character which makes her ultimately more attractive. She does not dress in the manner characteristic of modern teenage girls although she is well-developed, something she tries to hide by her clothing choices. She is shy, reserved, and tries her best not to be seen by anyone.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Creative Writing on Movie Script About Feminism in High School Assignment

As AMANDA walks past, a foot is stuck out from the side of one of the cafeteria tables, knocking her down. As she attempts to recover, MARCUS, a typical high school jock with perfect features only equaled by his arrogance, grabs her wrist and yanks her to him so that her face is close to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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