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[. . .] An obvious corollary in modern American culture is the Kardashian family whereby everyone in that family has a name that starts with a "K" including Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Kendall, Kylie and perhaps others. Little pleasures and quirks like that are often enough for people facing challenge and struggle to get a smile on their face and to be able to move on given struggles in real life as well as those faced in the book, both subtle and obvious, like the sinkholes, the dying butterflies, sickness and so forth.

However, this report is supposed to take on a neutral tone so "moving on" should be done with care. For example, while the reasons for this is subject to interpretation and opinion, there are a lot of people that are low-wage and under-educated in America and it is not just recent or current immigrants. The recent Great Recession has created struggles not unlike those seen in the book and there is little to no doubt that the poor and the under-educated (at least in the American) sense get hit the hardest. Examples of the book that could be manifested by this would be the service station vendors not paying their bills and so forth. However, there is also plenty of good faith like what is noted on page 244 of the book when Paul is admiring the returns and goods he got based on the good will and honesty of others.

Another concern that has to be forwarded is that there are a ton of people that want to realize their version of the American dream, as it would not be the same for all people but would probably be similar in that there is a desire for freedom and opportunity of some sort, but not everyone can come to the United States when this country has 300-350 million people and the wider world at large has 6 to 7 billion. Given that, there has to be a measured amount of immigration as doing an "open borders" proposition would be unwise. However, the book is a reflection of the real thoughts and experiences many people. The newer people to the United States have a vested interest in things going well and people being safe. The sinkholes and the sickness as well as the racism in the book would be concerns of new immigrants and lifelong citizens alike in real life just like they were in the book.

If there are a few points that can be gleaned from the passages of the book covered above as well as their comparison to real life in general, they would be as follows. First, closing the floodgates to American immigration would be unwise but so would throwing them wide open. Felons and troublemakers should not be here but shunning everyone is not the right move for obvious reasons. Second, harboring past biases and events against the American government, the American people or either of those from foreign governments is not wise or fair. For example, shunning Latvians because of the fairly recent association they had with the Soviet empire and/or because of the current troubles in another former Soviet republic (Ukraine) is not equitable for fair as holding the sins of Putin or others in power would not be fair to the people. The same would be true for other "hot spots" like North Korea, Iran and so forth would also be shortsighted if not racist.

Regardless of the final plan figured out, the plan should look towards the future and not reside in the past. There are examples of historical foes that have never and will probably never get along like the Palestinians and the Israelis but there are other situations where the past is very much dead and gone. Examples of this would include the Americans getting along just fine with the British despite the fact that Great Britain (albeit back in the late 1700's) are who the Americans broke away from. The relationship between America and the French, Spaniards, Mexicans and other parts of North, Latin and South American have been tenuous if not outright warfare from time to time. Things are a little chaotic now, but even Russia and the United States were quite friendly between the fall of the U.S.S.R. under Gorbachev and the rise of Putin. Again, the parallels to the book are quite obvious to see. The Sikh dimension in the book correlates (both in the book and in society) to 9/11 and the common distrust/bigotry levied towards Arabs. The Latvian person in the book dovetails with the thigns going on with the Russians and/or the former Soviet Republics in eastern Europe and so on. There are lessons galore that can be harnessed and assessed. In a nutshell, harboring the past against countries and/or their peoples that just want a better life is not fair and any going-forward solution and framework should bear this in mind. The optimal solution to making immigration and the people that administer and utilize it will be the tide that raises all proverbial boats rather than something that is used as a pervasive form of cronyism, encouraging bad behavior (by immigrants and others) and favoritism of any sort.


As made clear in this report, there is no single or final decision that this report is offering except that any solutions garnered will be borne of looking forward and not back. The focus, instead, needs to be based on providing the most benefit to the most people. This will almost certainly involve immigration at some level rather than no level. The novel that this class focused on is a good framework and summary of what can be expected. Some of those things are good but some great things will happen as well. [END OF PREVIEW]

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