M.S. Advanced Architectural Design Office Essay

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As an architect's tool, the computer supports design metaphors, an important requirement for the digital representation of design knowledge. Thus, it is clear that digital technology provides more opportunities to create architecture while also expanding the diversities of art, science and culture. However, I was confronted with many disappointments while at the Pratt Institute, especially when a certain instructor did not provide the freedom to do experimental architecture. In addition, there were not enough specialized experts in particular areas of study.

I realize that to become a prominent architect, merit alone is not enough motivation for success, so I have decided to continue my studies at Columbia University, knowing that it will not be an easy task to start all over again. At Columbia, I would like to explore as many aspects of design methodology as possible and then undertake a detailed investigation into visual art forms and their impact on diverse digital media. Also, I would like to create new designs that will enhance developing communities around the world.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on M.S. Advanced Architectural Design Office Assignment

Thus, I am certain that Columbia's international focus and openness toward non-traditional genres will offer the required support, not to mention the challenging and intellectual environment of New York City and its people. Since I thrive on work, accepting challenges and responsibilities, my confidence is high that I am more than ready for the challenges of graduate work at Columbia University and I sincerely hope that you provide the opportunity for me to demonstrate it.
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