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¶ … MS degree in Criminal Justice help you achieve your personal, vocational, and/Or education goals?

As an officer in the U.S. Navy, I already have served in a demanding career, protecting U.S. interests at home and abroad. Studying criminal justice seems like a natural extension of my first occupation. There is already a great deal of overlap between the Department of Homeland Security functions and the U.S. Navy. This degree would build upon my current framework of reference. It would expand my vocational opportunities and ground my lived experiences in the history and philosophy of the enforcement of justice.

Ultimately, I would like to become a criminal justice professional, specializing in homeland security, perhaps working within the Department of Homeland Security itself to improve the security of the nation's borders. Naval security is often a neglected part of homeland security. It is just as essential to ensure that no threats encroach upon the U.S. from the sea; furthermore there is the issue of drugs funneled through the nation's ports used to fund terrorism. The need to understand the role of protecting U.S. waters with a specific focus on terrorism prevention and detection, merging both homeland security and naval philosophies, is yet another reason why I am seeking out this degree.

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Making the world a safer place requires an understanding of both criminological theory and practical issues that influence the detection and prevention of crime. I have a sound understanding of how to guard against assaults, deter, and counterattack against threats. Graduate study would give me a better understanding of how and why crimes occur, and why people commit crimes and acts of terror.

Q2. What is your preparedness for, and understanding of graduate-level study in Criminal Justice?

TOPIC: Admission Essay on MS Degree in Criminal Justice Help You Assignment

Operating within a military context has grounded me in concepts such as Just War theory, which attempts to balance ethics with the need for security. The need to balance the duty of a military officer to protect the safety of citizens, military codes of honor, and domestic and international law is a constant challenge of the modern military. Within the field of criminal justice as within the military, the law and the rights even of the enemy must be respected, and if they are not the consequences can be grave -- evidence can be thrown out of court, or the military may lose the support of the population it is trying to aid. The same is true of a law enforcement officer, regardless of the agency for which he or she works. Communities will not respect law enforcement officials who are unnecessarily harsh or who ignore civil liberties. Profiling is always an issue of concern, both in domestic and international law enforcement. Individual rights must be balanced against the public's need for security.

Additionally, in terms of my preparation, because fighting in the modern military requires an awareness of different cultural orientations -- of friends as well as foes, I believe that my understanding of diversity and tolerance would make me a strong candidate as an enforcer of the law, either in the service the Department of Homeland Security or any other office in which I will serve in over the course of my lifespan. I have gained an understanding of how culture can influence a suspect's or an informant's worldview; I comprehend how the perceptions of the United States may vary from community to community, even within the same nation. While defending my nation, I had had to see the world from alternative perspectives to become a more effective soldier.

Q3. What concentration are you planning to pursue and why?

My specialty of choice is in homeland security. From my work in the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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