Muddy Boots Leadership by John Chapman Book Review

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Muddy Boots

Chapman, John. Muddy Boots Leadership. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole, 2006.

John Chapman's book Muddy Boots Leadership addresses leadership from a military perspective. The table of contents lists all the important leadership traits outlined in the book instead of providing a traditional listing of the book's chapters. For example, "Vision," "Bravery," and "Great Leaders" are among the major topic headings. The book is divided into several sections: Leadership, Professional Competence, Soldiers, Communication, Counseling, Administration and Management, Maintenance and Training, Prospering Professionally, and finally "Ten Rules to Live by x 3." Chapman claims to cover 285 specific military situations to illustrate each leadership issue. The bulk of the book addresses leadership issues for commanding officers. Moreover, all the topics Chapman addresses are specifically related to the military. Muddy Boots Leadership is laid out easily, and the author uses anecdotal evidence to support his points. Chapman is a retired Major with twenty-five years of leadership experience. Although Chapman does not rely on academic sources or empirical research, it is clear that he draws on personal experience and knowledge of what works in the military. Chapman's advice on leadership is based on real-life situations. The author's approach is therefore credible and makes Muddy Boots Leadership easy to read.

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The essence of Muddy Boots Leadership is common sense. From the first few pages of the book, Chapman points out that military leadership does not depend on education but on practical skills like remembering people's names. This is why Muddy Boots Leadership is arranged the way it is. The book does not have charts and graphs, just a few basic visuals to enhance the text. Chapman does not pretend to be a scholar. Instead, Muddy Boots Leadership lives up to its title of being a humble, down-to-earth account of what it entails to be a successful military commander. One must first get their boots wet and their hands dirty before they can earn the trust and respect of their fellow officers.

Book Review on Muddy Boots Leadership by John Chapman Assignment

Another main topic in Middy Boots Leadership is how to build character. Character is the most important aspect of being a soldier. Chapman stresses the importance of having personal integrity and ethics in any military interaction. For example, "If you correct a soldier for a uniform violation, your uniform must be right," (p. 5). A commanding officer should always practice what he or she preaches, or else their soldiers will never be able to trust them.

Chapman also addresses the importance of teamwork and "bonding," (p. 6). The author understands when commanding officers need to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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