Multi Culturalism in Europe Research Paper

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Multiculturalism at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Brief Background of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Located on the shores of Oresund in Humlebeck about 35 kilometers to the north of Copenhagen in Denmark, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a private foundation owned museum ha houses a large collection of modern art forms. The museum is stocked with artifacts starting from the era of World War II till the present times. The location of the museum is such that presents the rarest of balances in landscape, architecture and art and hence is a major source of attraction for the tourists who visit Denmark ("Visit Louisiana," 2016). The museum organizes at least six to ten special exhibitions every year and had distinguished itself from other such museums with its collection of over 3,500 works of art.

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It also presents a vibrant culture and remains open in the evening from Tuesday to Friday till 22:00. There are a rich variety of activities and events for people of all ages ("Visit Louisiana," 2016). Apart from the fine works of art within the museum, the visitors can also dwell in the very open form of architecture of the museum that blurs the distinction between the outside and the inside of the galleries. It has a beautiful old house and a massive compound of halls and hallways and even underground passages. These are surrounded by a huge, beautiful sculpture park. While taking a break if one finds the cafe crowded, one can just enjoy the large terrace in the park that overlooks the Oresun with its breathtaking ocean views.

Cultural diversity policy of the Museum

Research Paper on Multi Culturalism in Europe Assignment

The Cultural diversity of the museum is inherent in its very history. The founder of the museum, Knud W. Jensen wanted to set up the museum as a center for modern art from Denmark. However, just a few years after it was opened in 1958, the mission of the museum was changed and it sought to become a hotspot of arts from all over the world. The founders intended to transform the museum into an international museum adorned with many internationally renowned works of various artists from a number of countries ("The Louisiana History," 2016).

The present mission and vision of the museum is based on its efforts of close contact and enhanced collaboration with international artists and the arts community as well as the cultural milieu. The museum identifies this as its greatest strengths. This has enabled the museum to strike a chord with visitors from all over the world through its special exhibitions ("The Louisiana History," 2016).

The board members

The cultural diversity of the museum is further evident from the choice of its board member who comes from various backgrounds such as arts, education, social work and business. The board of the museum has often allowed non-Danish member which is exhibited by the nominating of Lars Nittve, a Swedish national and a curator, art critic and writer into its board and became the director of the museum in 1995.

Collections and the exhibitions and Cultural Diversity

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Arts is a center where works of artists from all over the world are exhibited on a regular basis. The museum has given the opportunity to artists from all over the world and from varied backgrounds as is evident from the permanent artifacts that are displayed and the numerous exhibitions that are held there annually. Since the museum acquires works of art from all over the world and is dependent on donations and contributions from its members and art loving people, there have been many instances where artists have handed over their work to the museum for free before or after an exhibition to become a permanent piece of art that is displayed there ("Udstillinger," 2016).

The cultural diversity of the museum becomes very evident when the recent exhibitions are analyzed. For example, the museum hosted an exhibition of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and her works have become among the most popular of the features at the museum. The collection of paintings that have been named as "Gleaming Lights of the Souls" has become a permanent feature at the museum galleries ("Yayoi Kusama," 2016).

Other recent acquisitions and exhibitions of contemporary art reflect the multicultural outlook of the museum. For example, the section where the contemporary artworks of the 1990s are displayed, as works from various artists from all over the world and include names like by Mona Hatoum, Pipilotti Rist, Sam Taylor-Wood, Sherrie Levine, Gary Hill among others. The museum reflects the latest trends and happenings in the field of arts and media which is made possible by the acquisitions and donations that are kept up-to-date.

The mission of the museum to be able to house and reflect works of art from all over the world as envisaged by the founder is also evident in the numerous exhibitions that showcase works of artists from varied corners of the globe and from varying cultures. The exhibition on African architecture, culture, and identity that was held for four months in the museum in 2015 showcased glimpses of the entire African continent ("Udstillinger," 2016). The diversity and the complexity of a large part of Africa that is to the south of the Sahara Desert were possible by careful selection of works by African artists that showcased the culture here and now.

An exhibition of the works on film by Israeli artist Yael Bartana was very popular according to the website of the museum. The three films that were exhibited caught the imagination of the audience, the website says. Moreover, the museum has made the three films by Bartana a part of its collection. Another example of multicultural outlook at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is reflected in the paintings of American artists Philip Guston which has been termed "Painting Smoking Eating" and has been made a part of the permanent collection at the museum ("Udstillinger," 2016).

As recently as in early part of May, 201, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art hosted a contemporary arts festival that was called Art Alive which presented a great number of artists that are connected to the current presentation and the new acquisitions to the collection of the museum. There were names of artists from all over the world and included names such as William Kentridge, Shilpa Gupta, Ragnar Kjartansson, Pipilotti Rist, Manal Al Dowayan, Ed Atkins, Alex Da Corte and Olafur Eliasson ("ART ALIVE," 2016). Hence, from the above examples and discussions, it is clear that the Louisiana Museum of Arts is home to a most varied collection of artworks from artists who belong to varying cultures, nations, and diversities and thus, it represents a complete multicultural organization.

Audience development

The museum is located outside of the city of Copenhagen and hence the distance could be a hindrance to the museum attracting visitors. While millions of tourists come to visit Copenhagen every year, the location of the museum is such that the visitors have to take the trouble of traveling a certain distance to be able to reach there and enjoy the rich collection of modern art and media. For the museum, however, it's very location presents more than one advantage. The first is the location and setting itself beside the ocean which presents some breathtaking views for the visitors.

The views are among one of the reasons that many come to visit the museum. Additionally, when people take the trouble of traveling 35 kilometers from the main city of Copenhagen to the museum, it ensures that those coming there really intend to visit the museum and are not those who simply get into the museum while they are passing by. Hence, the location of the museum itself ensures dedicated lovers of art coming to the museum. To… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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