Multicultural Counseling Case Study

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Preferred Course of Action

Section F.1.a on Client Welfare, it is a major obligation on the part of a counseling supervisor to meet with the supervisee regularly in order to monitor and review the latter's work (ACA, 2014). At the same time, regular meetings prepare him to serve a range of different clients, including those from diverse cultures. The African-American supervisor should have firmly enforced this obligation to the new supervisee rather than allow him to ignore it or agree to meet at 5:00 PM that Friday. Friday is the last working day and 5:00 PM is the last hour of the last working day, which will not leave them sufficient time to review the supervisee's work. It could be that the African-American supervisor yielded to a cultural inclination of leniency in allowing the supervisee to take the first supervision session lightly. And it may also be typical among Middle Eastern people, especially young ones like the supervisee, to take the value of time lightly.

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The African-American's apprehension over the supervisee's assumption of the Waller case is warranted. She is aware of the warning made many times by Department of Child and Family Services that one more abuse will lead to the removal of one child from the Waller household. The supervisee informed him about Mr. Waller's admission of, in fact, hitting his youngest daughter many times the night he came home drunk. That was all that the DCFS needed to warrant the removal of that child from the Waller's custody. The African-American should have emphasized this to the supervisee. She should have also corrected the supervisee's naive perception and admiration of great progress of Mr. Waller's regret in hurting his youngest daughter several times. The supervisee's refusal to report the development as damaging to his growing closeness with Mr. Waller was certainly not justified. She should now report this most recent violent act by Mr. Waller.


Case Study on Multicultural Counseling Assignment

The supervisor should sit down in earnest with the supervisee and emphasize some very important rules and realities. She should make him aware or remind him of professional and ethical standards as well as legal responsibilities he has breached with his actions. They first work out to solve their differences and the failures of the supervisee. When there is disagreement or when the violations are repeated, the relationship should be terminated and the supervisor should make the necessary referrals for an alternative supervisee. These are the provisions of Sections E.4.c and E.4.d.

In considering and hiring a new supervisee, a supervisor must make sure that he is she is qualified for the position (ACA, 2014). She must base the qualification on the applicant's education, training, experience, professional credentials and experience. She is prohibited from exercising any kind of discrimination against prospective supervisees as to age, culture, disability, ethnicity, race, religion, gender or gender preference, language preference, or socioeconomic status. She should check or verify the applicant's claim of professional qualifications. The applicant's credentials should be current and prove that she or he is of good standing After choosing a new supervisee, the supervisor shall make sure to continually monitor the supervisee's effectiveness ad a professional. She should also provide the means to improve the supervisee's capabilities through peer supervision to monitor his or her efficacy (ACA).


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DeTrude, J. (2001). The supervision process: complications and concerns. Professional Issues in Counseling: Sam Houston State University. Retrieved on March 30, 2014


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