Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Global Trade Research Paper

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Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Multi-Lateral Environmental Agreements

Over the last several decades, the issue of environmental protection has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because of concerns about: how this will affect the farmers' ability to produce agricultural-based products and the extraction of natural resources. These factors will have an effect on how quickly a particular nation can deliver products to various markets around the world. As a result, there has been an emphasis on free trade. While at the same time, many countries are ignoring numerous Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). This is problematic, as these kinds of challenges have only made the underlying situation worse. To understand the future of EMAs and potential issues requires finding more effective systems for strengthening environmental governance. This will be accomplished by: carefully examining the current approach and what specific tactics can be utilized to help nations achieve these goals. Together, these elements will show how MEAs will be enforced and the strategies for addressing potential problems. (O'Neill, 2002, pp. 144 -- 155)

What will be the future for Multilateral Environmental Agreements?

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The future of environmental agreements will have some kind of provisions that are creating an enforceable standard for emissions targets. This means that a workable protocol will be developed that is focusing on improving collaboration in these areas. In a number of countries, this will involve taking these guidelines and augmenting them with existing environmental regulations. While at other times, new government entities must be established that will effectively address these challenges. This means that there will be changes in how these kinds of laws are being enforced with a larger number concentrating on: increased awareness and cooperation in these areas. (Jebberger, 2011)

Research Paper on Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Global Trade Assignment

Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further than, observations from Jebbergrer (2011). He determined that this will led to a change in behavior for many governments with him saying, "Green thinking of many countries' politicians and a growing eco-friendly consciousness may lead to the implementation of further necessary measures (like CO2 certificate trading or carbon tax policies) in order to limit CO2 emissions even more effectively." These comments are showing how there will be a focus on the local level to address these issues. This is because new international agreements are raising awareness (which will result in more countries complying with these regulations). Once this happens, is when there is a transformation in how the different nations are looking at the problems and solutions for addressing these challenges. (Jebberger, 2011)

What challenges will institutions mechanisms encounter in finding more effectives systems in strengthening international environmental governance?

The biggest challenges that these mechanisms will face, is resistance from select developed nations (i.e. The United States). This is because of concerns about how these kinds of transformations could negatively impact local economies. At the same time, many firms are worried that this… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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