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Furthermore, WTO has complete rights to exercise its supremacy over the operations of these MEAs and it can observe and influence the proceedings a well. The paper provides a detailed analysis of these claims and reaches a conclusion that this asymmetry between power structure of MEAs and WTO has cramping effects of the scope and operations of MEA.

The paper further discusses the operations and work model of Montreal Protocol and possible reasons for its success. It also discuses as to how and why MEAs fail to gain acceptance from countries. As per this paper, many MEAs work on a model which imposes trade restriction which makes them of less acceptable nature whereas a preferred model would be the ones which give equal consideration to trade development and environment protection, quite similar to the structure of the Montreal Protocol.

The research paper is helpful in analyzing the policies and strategies which should be adopted by MEAs for gaining global acceptance.

Winter, R.L. (2000). "Reconcling the GATT and WTO with multilateral environmental agreements: Can we have our cake and eat it too?." Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy. 11. 223-254. Retrieved from full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Annotated Bibliography on Multilateral Environmnetal Agreements Multilateral Environmental Assignment

The article aims on describing the nature of conflicts between WTO and MEAs. It focuses on issues such as effect of GATT / WTO on environmental protection, the construction of Article XX of the GATT, the trade and environment conflict in the WTO, and the decisions in the Shrimp-Turtle case. The main objective of this article if to highlight how measures of GATT and WTO are hampering the activities of MEAs. Also, it presents various approaches which can lead to reconciliation between them. Finally, it addresses reinterpretation of substantive GATT provisions, exemptions for MEAs through waivers, amending the GATT, the development criteria to guide adjudication, procedural changes under GATT/WTO. The issues of a change of forum and the development of a global environmental organization are also discussed.

The articles is helpful in understanding the importance of a global forum for these MEAs.

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