Exam Security for Student Testing Research Paper

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for any errors without being tempted to cheat.

Identify the statistical analyses you will utilize for your exam and provide your rationale for your choice.

The statistical analyses that will be used for the exam will involve statistical methods for analyzing quantitative data. Although it seems easy, it actually is a bit complicated. To begin, it is important to define the measure of the mid-point of a Gaussian, bell-shaped, or normal distribution of grades. This is what is known as the mode/modal point (Parkes & Zimmaro, 2016). The mode/modal point is the score received by the greatest quantity of students that took the exam. The median is the number taken by the middle score of the group of students that took the exam. If there is an even number of students, the two with the middle scores are added and then divided by 2. This is followed by the mean which is the sum of all test scores divided by number of students that took the exam.

The distribution of scores is measured via the range of scores highlighting the difference among the lowest and highest scores, plus one. Standard deviation and variance are considered better measures of the distribution of scores. Although raw scores give some information, it cannot indicate performance and therefore scaled scores must be calculated. Scaled scores are more accurate and take into account the performance of other students.

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To test reliability, The Kuder-Richardson formula 20 can be used with KR-21 reliability coefficient gaining some popularity. The kind of software available now highlights the recent innovations and includes of the reliability and validity measures like split-half reliability to provide accurate analysis of scores. One such software is Zipgrade Cloud.



This exam contains 50 multiple choice questions. Each question is work 2 points.

Circle the correct answer for every question.

Mark all answers clearly.

No partial credit will be received for any work not fully answered.

Research Paper on Exam Security for Student Testing Assignment

This is a closed-book, closed notes examination.

No cell phone or other electrical devices are permitted.

Please read the Academic Dishonesty Policy. Any academic dishonesty will result in an "F" for this exam, "F" for the class, and may result in suspension, or expulsion.

There are a total of 100 points for the entire exam.

Please print your full name (First and Last) at the top of this page in the upper right hand corner along with the date and course.



1. Academic dishonesty involves knowingly acting or failing to act in such a manner that elicits, or could elicit an unearned academic advantage or credit.

2. Wherever in this Policy the offense depends on what is defined as "knowingly," this means if the person should have known, yet still committed the offense willingly.


The following is a short list of examples showcasing academic dishonesty. This list is not an exhaustive list, but provides the general idea of what academic honesty offenses are.

It is considered an offence to knowingly engage in:

a. Plagiarism, meaning submitting academic work that has been partially or wholly copied from or written by someone else without proper citation or credit.

b. Handing in the same or similar academic work to more than one course.

c. Submitting work acquired or bought from another source.

d. Improper collaboration on academic work.

e. Abetting or aiding another student's alleged academic dishonesty.

f. Using or copying unauthorized aids such as cell phones or cheat sheets in exams.

g. Receiving, procuring, or distributing an exam, course materials, or test.

h. Removing without consent or formal authorization, academic work submitted to an instructor.

i. Destroying, stealing, or tampering with academic work (Anderman & Murdock, 2007).


Anderman, E. & Murdock, T. (2007). Psychology of academic cheating. Amsterdam: Elsevier Academic Press.

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