Multiple Elements in the Company's Environment Research Proposal

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¶ … multiple elements in the company's environment that Scott must consider in his plan. The first is the needs of the shareholders. He is ultimately responsible to the shareholders for corporate performance. The move to cut workers must be made in context of the long-term best interests of the company. His second most important obligation is to Ms. Deason. As his supervisor, she has the capacity to mandate such changes. However, Scott has the capacity to influence her decision and the method by which it is implemented. A strong case presented to her could change the decision. The third group of stakeholders is the employees, both the ones being let go and the one remaining. Their needs are important for two reasons. One is that they may be hired back in future. The other is that the treatment of the employees will affect how the move impacts on the remaining employees. Other stakeholders are more minor -- the interests of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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