Multiple Theories in Research Two Essay

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¶ … Multiple Theories in Research

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Two theoretical notions that guide Caron and Rosette (2011) study on biases against black leaders are that black's success comes from superior athletics skills while the white success is attributed to their smartness and leadership ability. These notions have greatly impacted how black leaders are evaluated. When black leaders perform poorly in whatever activity s/he is assigned to do people will be quick to say that black folks are not as intelligent, determined or decisive and are therefore not good leaders. The situation is never the same when a black leader does an excellent work. However, the good performance is attributed to compensatory attributes like "he has survival skills'. Good performance is never attributed to actual leadership competence. Evaluation of ones work is therefore based on his/her skin color rather than the actual behavior. Bringing into perspective black and white quarterbacks in Major League Baseball't evaluate the use of the incompetence stereotype or the compensatory talents, black quarterbacks who lost were described as incompetent leaders than white quarterbacks. There were no differing descriptions when the white and the black quarterbacks both won. When black quarterbacks won they were praised for athleticism much more often than the white quarterbacks to infer that black success comes from superior athletics skills while the white success comes from smarts and leadership ability. Black leaders are also down-graded because of their skin colors especially in law firms operated by black and white partners. Metrics used in evaluation are often subjective and do not measure concrete and behavioral issues. I find it very contradictory to allude that African-Americans cannot be good leaders when they perform dismally in their leadership responsibilities while at the same time aver that African's leadership prowess is pure luck and that theirs cannot be tied to leadership ability. Why is it then that white success comes from smarts and leadership ability?

Essay on Multiple Theories in Research Two Assignment

Carton and Rosette are adamant that evaluators keep changing goal posts when it comes to evaluation of black leader's performance outcomes. The duo draws this inference from a popular belief that blacks are not intelligent, determined, or decisive and cannot therefore make good leaders. Unfortunately, this does not feature when a black leader performs well. However, compensatory attributes are attributed to such leader instead of attributing this successful to his actual leadership competence. Core competency is explained away as opposed to being recognized. Such stereotype allow simplistic cognitive shortcut that leads to a leap to negative evaluation based on ones skin color rather than his actual behavior. Black leaders are therefore labeled as incompetent when they fail to perform to others expectations while their white colleagues perceived to be smart and having inherent leadership ability. Blacks' leadership and organizational success are tied to perceptions that they are lucky or have compensatory attributes standing in for actual competence. Black leaders have consequently been down-graded because of their skin color. Under circumstances when there appears to be a gap in leadership skills of gifted black attorneys or paralegals, a second look is taken. Down-grading of the blacks can also be attributed to a culture that expects gifts of one kind, but is resistant to seeing talents of other types. Coworkers also make it difficult for somebody who comes from the minority race difficult. Evaluation of black leaders by others is much skewed.

Attribution theory is a kind of a motivational theory that basically looks at… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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