Multivariate Analysis of Parametric Data Essay

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Rapp, Adam; Trainor, Kevin J; & Agrihotr, Raj (2009). Performance implications of customer-linking capabilities: Examining the complementary role of customer orientation and CRM technology. Journal of Business Research, in Press, Corrected Proof,

Since the advent of customer relation management (CRM) technology, a lot of gains have been reported by the various companies that have implemented this piece of technology. However, most companies fail to realize the full potential of CRM due to their failure to engage the complementary business as well as human resources that are needed in order to successfully deploy as well as fully leverage this investment as noted by Reinartz et al. (2004).In this paper, we preset a critique of the work of Rapp et al. (2009) titled "Performance implications of customer-linking capabilities: Examining the complementary role of customer orientation and CRM technology" with a view of establishing its success and failure as well as gaps in knowledge that it fills.

1.1 Hypothesis:

The most significant hypotheses are;

H1: CRM technology capability positively affects customer-linking capability

H2: Customer orientation positively affects customer-linking capability

1.2. What this study is supposed to add to the existing body of knowledge

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This work is supposed to highlight the complementary role of customer orientation as well as CRM technology on the success of customer-linking initiatives.

2. Summary of the study

Essay on Multivariate Analysis of Parametric Data Assignment

This article critically examines how technology as well as complementary resources can be bundled in order to form capabilities that can create and foster a durable customer relationship. The article employs a theoretical framework that is based on theories of marketing, information systems as well as strategic management. The very first outcome of the work is a theoretically founded conceptualization of Customer Relations Management (CRM) technology with capabilities made up of three main complementary resources; business, human resource and technology. This work also produced a second key finding that indicated that CRM technology and the concept of customer orientation bear appositive correlation with the development of a durable customer relationship. The same resources are also noted to have positive association and interactive effect on the customer-linking capabilities thus highlighting the need for aligning technology resources with strategic business. The authors concluded that customer-linking capability has a very positive association with customer relationship performance and that this relationship is moderated by the various changes in the external environment. This work addressed the research questions in a cross-sectional research study comprising of a total of two hundred and fifteen organizations by means of a partial least… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Multivariate Analysis of Parametric Data Essay

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