Essay: Mummy's Curse

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[. . .] " (Tour Egypt, 2013, p.1) This show, which was presented near the Piccadilly Circus in London in 1821, is reported to have "inspired a little known novelist named Jane Loudon Webb to write a book called 'The Mummy'." (Tour Egypt, 2013, p.1) The book had as its feature a mummy returning to life full of revenge and threatening to strangle the heroes in Loudon's book.

A Scientific Study

The Mummy's Curse was taken so seriously that Nelson (2002) report the examination of the survival of the individuals who were exposed to the 'mummy's curse' or those who were associated with King Tut's tomb being opened in Luxor, Egypt between February 1923 and November 1925. The study was a retrospective cohort study with 44 Westerners identified by Howard Carter as being present in Egypt on the specified dates, 25 of the individuals having been exposed to the curse. The primary outcome measures were the length of survival after the date of potential exposure. Nelson reports that among the 25 individuals exposed to the curse "the mean age at death was 70 years compared with 75 in those not exposed. Survival after the date of exposure was 20.5 versus 28.9 years respectively. The study concludes that "there was no significant association between exposure to the mummy's curse and survival and thus no evidence to support the existence of a mummy's curse." (Nelson, 2002, p.1) However, it has been reported in the work of Lee (nd) that there has been the hypothesis stated that a microbe caused the deaths of those associated with the discovery of the tomb. Dr. Hans…

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