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Murphy, K. (May 25, 2011). My Blog Is Also Paying My Bills. The New York Times. Retrieved from:

One of the great changes in the 21st century has been the access many now have to the Internet. One of the larger trends brought about by the use of the Internet is the virtual community -- a social network of individuals who interact with each other without the constraints of geography, time zones, political or economic situations, weather, or demography -- all that matters is that they are able to come together to form a culture in which they share mutual interests or values. Blogs are another way that these changes have become both more in line with populism and more people participating in the use of technology.

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Blogs are discussions or information published on the Internet by any individual, group, or even multi-author publications (interest groups). Typically most good blogs are interactive and allow visitors to leave comments and messages. They provide comments on particular subjects (like pets, coupons, etc.) or function as diaries, or even online brand advertising for a particular subject. They often have links to ancillary services as well. Now, however, many are using blogs to make money by offering products and services, asking for donations, and posting advertising from pay-per-click (Yahoo, Google) or other sites with similar interests. For example, if a blogger puts and logo and link on their blog, they are paid a few cents every time someone clicks on that logo. The key, however, according to the authors, is not to move into a blog with the idea of making money, but instead, "people will pay for content if you offer them something of value that is authentic and is generally useful" (Murphy, 2011). In addition, the power of blogging is really a microcosm of the power of globalization -- one reaches a potential audience of millions instead of thousands simply by using the appropriate keyword and connecting with people's needs. Additional strategies include adding video to the post which generates $1-10/thousand views, depending on the advertiser. In any case, blogging is a unique way to turn a passion into a career -- as long as one does not mind being on the Internet daily.

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Millstein, S., Dornfest, R. (July 26, 2005). What is Google AdSense? O'Reilly Network.

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What is Google AdSense, and How Do You Use AdSense to Make Money Online? YouTube.

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The power of the Internet is really based on two particular things: speed of the connection and keywords. For anyone to find data, information, shopping sources, and products, there must be a keyword associated with the web page so that it can be retrieved during a search. For instance, searching for "flowers" would bring up thousands of sites, but searching for "flower delivery in Chicago" would have a more refined list. To further refine this, Google's AdSense is a program that allows publishers of content sites to target media (images, text, and video) to a site content audience. Revenue is generated to Google (the host) through a point-per click or impression basis when a user clicks through on an advertisement or icon. Prices for these clicks, however, are competitive and are part of bidding dynamic. Using our flower example, for instance, in Chicago, a flower shop might bid $.30/click between the hours of 8am-11am, and be top of list when a client searches for a "Chicago Flower Shop." Then, to be competitive, other shops must bid higher to be in top position or listed. These listing generate billions of dollars for Google annually, but have also proven to be very effective for certain kinds of advertisers.

Really, as the authors Milstein and Dornfest point out, the program should be called AdSpace, because it is about selling advertising space our one's own website. It is popular with bloggers because it offers them the opportunity to place advertising on their site. Google does not let individuals decide exactly which ads appear on their site, but assesses the pages and supplies ads that seem to be of interest to visitors. A site about flowers might have ads for gardening supplies, books, tours, seed companies, etc. -- all based on a demographic profile of items that seem popular to people who like to read about flowers. "This kind of relevance is important, because Google doesn't pay… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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