Essay: Music Enjoyment

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Music Enjoyment

Some of the things I learned during this course go well beyond music per se. I have come to be more comfortable with how and why the past truly participated in creating the present. The past cultural foundations are not just isolated window of time that we as students should know about to complete out educations. The cliche about the past being "prologue" to the present is more than a cliche to me now. Prior to this class I have taken history classes and have become fascinated with the origins of and early stages of art, politics, language, culture. Added to my knowledge now, the history and evolution of music forms and styles. I have come to be familiar with many composers through this class and have, on my own, conducted some research into these musical icons.

We are so bombarded with media in this era of history, it takes opening one's mind to the past to fully appreciate how the world looked and sounded in the ancient world -- and why things evolved into what we have today. I have learned to be open to understanding how history, even ancient history, links us with the present. When I took philosophy courses I became very interested in the ancient Greeks, especially Plato and his writings for and about Socrates. That was the beginning of the field of philosophy. And now I understand that the Romans adopted much of the basics of Greek music; as time went on the Greek lyre and aulos gave way to horn instruments in Rome. And today we have so many amazing musical instruments -- we live in a richly musical time.

Question #2:

My favorite composer that I came to learn about and be fascinated by was George Gershwin. The iconic composer of course is among the most prolific of songwriters, but though I was familiar with some of his music prior to the class, I am now far more aware of the litany of great music this American composer has created. All the times I have sung "Summertime…and the livin' is easy…" as a soloist and in choirs, and I loved singing and hearing it because the music and the lyrics are so stunningly beautiful and evocative.

My all time favorite Gershwin composition by far is Rhapsody in Blue. I remember my sister had the tune on an LP and I used to set the needle down at the beginning of the music, play a few minutes and move the needle back to the start. The clarinet at… [END OF PREVIEW]

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