Music Games International (Mgi) Essay

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From a cursory view of the case it does seem that MGI should first enter the education industry to establish a brand and capital and then move to the entertainment industry as that becomes more feasible.

MGI Problems

The biggest issue that the company has at this point is that they have no solidified direction. The founders became disillusioned after their original effort did not make the money they thought that it would, and they now cannot decide which way they should move. They enlisted the aid of several people to give them some direction, but they are unwilling to take the direction offered.

A second issue is that there is a leadership void. There is not one person on the team who acts as the final decision maker. The founders are partners and look on themselves as equals in the business. They are now working with four consultants, but because of this leadership problem, the input from these four is basically worthless. Until the team is able to establish some sort of hierarchy, and finds a someone skilled to fill the leadership role, they will likely get nothing real accomplished (Leslie, 2009).

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A third issue that plagues MGI is that without proper leadership they have no idea which industry best suits their product. They enlisted the consultants, especially Dana and Henry, to make sure that they could come up with a business plan that would provide investors for their business. However, they have not listened to them very effectively. The founders have a vague idea of what they want, besides wanting to make money, so they asked for direction. They have a stated choice between two alternatives. They can either seek the education market or the entertainment industry. The strength of education is that it will be easy to enter as there is very little competition, but the weakness is that there is little money, comparatively to be made there. Whereas the entertainment industry is difficult to enter, but has an almost unlimited supply of money. This decision is the most critical that they will make.


Essay on Music Games International (Mgi) Had Assignment

The team needs to make a decision. Henry and Dana are not able to continue working with them for very much longer and the deadline of the project is quickly approaching. The HBS students need to decide what is best for their careers. Also, Dana's suggestion that they seek the leadership potential of someone who has more business experience should be taken into consideration.


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