Music Industry Reflects American Popular Culture Term Paper

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Music industry reflects American popular culture with more than just sound waves. Using the tools of television and movie media, the Music industry delivers a comprehensive package designed to sell records and concert tickets. More than that, the music industry's marketing tactics reflect and also shape American cultural values. For example, gender, female sexuality, and sexual relationships are all depicted explicitly in music videos. The overt display of sex in music videos is accompanied by explicit lyrics and together the messages inform the psycho-social development of young people in America. However, the music industry delivers more than just messages reflecting human sexuality and interpersonal relationships in America. The industry reflects cultural values related to work, money, ethics, customs, etiquette, and gender roles.

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Even before the television became a common household item, the music industry reflected popular culture. For example, the early blues artists were often signed by big record labels in the early 20th century. Those blues artists reflected life in the Deep South, life as an African-American living in poverty only a generation or two after the Civil War. The music industry therefore helped preserve an important part of American history by helping blues musicians record their music. As blues evolved into rock and roll and other types of sounds like rhythm and blues (R&B), different types of jazz, soul, and funk, the recording industry also captured those sounds on vinyl and later onto magnetic tape. Reflecting the burgeoning youth culture in America, the music industry gave a voice to rebellious teens.

Term Paper on Music Industry Reflects American Popular Culture With Assignment

The cultural revolutions taking place during the 1960s were undoubtedly aided by the recording industry. The music industry presented American folk musicians like Bob Dylan who blended beatnik sensibilities with the roots of American rock. Music started… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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