Music Make You Fee Strung Out Granted Essay

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¶ … Music Make You Fee

Strung Out

Granted, I am by no means a fan of classical music. Yet as a music aficionado, I have found that there is very little music I can experience live that I do not connect with on some basic level. Perhaps it is the nuances of live music, the acoustics involved, the reaction from the crowd, as well as the element of performance augmenting the mere playing of music. It is more than a simple auditory experience, which is why I am not altogether surprised that I did not thoroughly dislike the recent performance of the Johannes String Quartet playing at Town Hall as part of the People's Symphony Concerts on Sunday, April 7.

I must admit, I was partially drawn to this particular performance because of the nature of Johannes String Quartet. They have garnered quite a reputation as classical musicians, with a string of accolades and performances at major venues across the country. More enticing still was the fact that the quartet is made up entirely of strings, with Soovin Kim and Jessica Lee on the violin, Choong-Jin Chang on the viola and Peter Stumpf playing cello. In the form of music that I listen to most often, strings carry a haunting, foreboding sound which has always appealed to me. Even though this application of these instruments is not always realized in classical music, I was pleased to see that more than one of the pieces the musicians played incorporated certain elements of the type of sting performances I am partial to.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Still, one of the more disappointing facets about this performance, to me, at least, was the crowd reaction. True enough, classical music is supposed to be reserved and 'sophisticate', and attracts an audience that is typically difficult to impress and would rather listen than actually feel the music. Yet there were certain passages of some of the pieces played in which the musicians attacked their instruments with a degree of ferocity that even impressed me. Proper decorum in such venues is to wait until the end of the performance to issue applause. Yet the entire feel of the afternoon could have been greatly enhanced if the crowd had been more of a participant, and less of a reserved spectator in the music -- which isd generally the case in more popular and contemporary forms of music.

As the preceding paragraph alludes to, there were certain instances in which the quartet's playing was actually able to build some emotion within me. I would have to say the particular piece that achieved this effect the most was sixth movement of Henri Dutilleux's Ainsi la' nuit, which was composed in 1975 and 1976. Part of me attributes the sentiment that this movement… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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