Journal: Music Slow Hora/Freylekhs the Klezmer Conservatory Band

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¶ … Music

Slow Hora/Freylekhs

The Klezmer Conservatory Band (Klezmer)Dancing in the Aisles

"Slow Hora/Freylekhs" is a traditional Klezmer song performed by the Klezmer Conservatory Band. The song represents the style and instrumentation of Eastern European Jewish music, and includes the strong representation of woodwinds. The instrumentation may include clarinet, oboe, and bassoon with the percussive punctuation added by bass instruments. Actual percussive elements are present but kept to a subtle minimum to allow the woodwinds to carry most of the song; the melodic lead is carried by the highest-pitched woodwind, which may be a clarinet.

26.E Baiana

Clara Nunes (Brazil)

Meus Momentos: Clara Nunes

Clara Nunes performs the quintessential samba in "E Baiana." Here, African beats and African vocals blend with some European instrumentation including the guitar on top. The song is very danceable and shows how African music influenced Brazilian music. "E Baiana" is also highly percussive and includes the shakers and syncopated clapping at the end of the song as well as the pervasive and persistent drumming that make the hips move. Also the background vocals and notably African in nature.

27.Malaguena Salerosa


Rodrigo, Remedio Flores (Spain)

Flamenco Caravan

This Flamenco song starts as many other Flamenco songs do with acoustic solo guitar, which is characteristically intricate and complex. The odd vocalization punctuates the guitar solo. The melody changes, ranging between somber and mellow to perky. The guitarist also accomplishes his own percussion. However, the quintessentially Flamenco foot-tapping is integral to the song. The vocals come in relatively late. The vocalist is a male with a very chiseled voice. This sounds like a love song.



Fairuz (Lebenon)



This Lebanese song starts off with some interesting organ sounds, and reminds me of something from an Eastern European wedding. The vocals are very sultry, and the singer draws out each word, enunciating the Arabic very clearly. There are some background vocals, as well as accordion or an accordion-like instrument. Although I don't like the vocals, this song is captivating and mysterious.

29.Hristiankova Kopanitsa


Ivo Papasov & His Orchestra (former Yugoslavia)


30.Rind De Hore


Taraf de Haidouks (Roumania)

Latcho Drom

The traditional music of the Roma people is well-represented here in "Rind De Hore" by the Romanian group Taraf de Haidouks. The song was featured in the film about gypsies (Roma) people called Latcho Drom. Instrumentation includes flute, violin, and some kind of bass. The song is fast-paced, uplifting, and happy in tone. The flute… [END OF PREVIEW]

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