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Were it not for the title of the song, it would not be difficult to envision what Aaron Copeland had in mind when he wrote "Fanfare for the Common Man." With medieval trumpet calls and grand gongs permeating the composition, it is certainly a "fanfare." However, most fanfares culminate in the arrival of some dignitary like a king or queen. The pace of the music would change upon that individual's arrival, signifying his or her superiority over the rest of humanity. When listening to "Fanfare for the Common Man," I expect that dignitary to arrive. When the three minutes are over and the nobility hasn't shown up, the title of Copeland's piece becomes outstandingly clear and makes "Fanfare for the Common Man" a masterpiece. Copeland managed to take a fanfare and make it subtle and subdued, bringing out the dignity in the common person without falling into either a sense of inferiority or superiority. The piece becomes surprisingly emotional as a result, as if it actually is a celebration of all that is dignified in the human spirit.

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The title of the piece therefore illuminates one of the composition's noticeable features: the lack of a traditional crescendo. While the piece does intensify, it does not reach a specific point of climax. This is not to say the "Fanfare" doesn't go anywhere because it does progress through several stages including key changes. Moreover, Copeland adds layer upon layer to the basic structure of the song until ends. If this piece were a fanfare for an uncommon man, Copeland would have had the piece progress through stages that offered a more distinct climax and denouement. The piece might have changed in character or tone entirely: perhaps shifting away from the core set of triplets and involving an entire orchestra's input.

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