Muslim Battles With European Countries Term Paper

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Constantinople was the last Christian stronghold in the Middle East, and its fall was the beginning of the Ottomans great expansion period. They infiltrated Spain after the fall of Constantinople, and gained a foothold to move throughout Europe, converting the people to Islam and gaining more territory. Today, there are still many areas of Europe that continue to be Islamic strongholds, such as Bosnia. There are still wars being fought over the Muslim, Christian dilemma, too, as the Bosnia-Serb war recently shows, and the war with Iraq continues.

In conclusion, each of these battles was highly significant in world history for a number of reasons. The Battle of Constantinople opened up the European continent to the Ottomans, giving them a foothold into new and vulnerable territory. The Battle of Lepanto showed Europe was a strong force and could push the Turks back to their territory, and the Siege of Vienna, mismanaged as it was, marked the end of Turkish aggression in Europe. Each battle marked a starting or ending point in Muslim power and progress, and each battle, if the outcome had been different, could have completely changed the course of history and the face of Europe.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Muslim Battles With European Countries Assignment

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