Myer Briggs- INFJ Myer Briggs Type Indicator Term Paper

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Myer Briggs- INFJ

Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of more popular personality type test that is being widely used in organizations and other areas. This type indicator judges a personality type on four levels or from four aspects to see how the person:

Interacts with others and the environment

Perceives information

Responds to information/data

Views the world at large

Thus a person with INFJ would be characterized as Introverted, Intuitive, feeling and judging. Now it is important to go deeper into the details of each to understand what each characteristic actually refers to and how they impact our personality.

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Introversion person who is introverted is normally more reserved and prefers to stay with selected group of known people. That is possibly the most well-known definition of introversion but according to Jung, that was not all that introversion meant. In fact he felt that introversion here meant people who were more inwardly oriented than outwardly. These people like to take some time to reflect before they take a step forward. That also explains why they hesitate to make new friends. They are not working on impulse and thus reflection is very important. They are also more likely to work on the abstract concepts because they are so accustomed to thinking. Introverts are also found more susceptible to misinformation. "Introverts were found to be more influenced by misinformation than were extroverts. A number of possible explanations were given for this finding. Perhaps introverts have less confidence in their memories than extroverts making them more willing to accept misleading post-event suggestions."


Term Paper on Myer Briggs- INFJ Myer Briggs Type Indicator Assignment

It must be understood here that the four typologies namely sensing, intuition, feeling and thinking fall under the same heading of 'functions'. Thus they can be explained better in combination of SF, ST or NF and NT. For ease, we are going to explain them separately and then in the particular combination of NF. Intuition is an inner alarm system that allows a person to choose his path without relying on concrete data. In other words, intuition is our gut feeling. The person who scores high on this would stand in contrast with someone that scores high on sensing because the latter would want concrete information before they take a step. Intuitive person would be willing to trust his… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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