Essay: Myers-Briggs Personality Scale

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[. . .] I am open to meeting new people, and feel my life is richer when I know more people. I don't mind being alone, but I prefer to interact with others.

Part III: a. Describe the following: 1) Artisan, 2) Guardian, 3) Rational, 4) Idealist.

Artisan personality generally refers to people who are extraverted, who love being around other people. Artisans are relationship-oriented. They do not like social disharmony. Their people skills are strong, because they listen to others and like other people. Artisans are not the best decision-makers because they want to keep people happy and are afraid to take stands if they are unpopular. People in the entertainment industry are generally artisans.

Guardian personalities are good listeners like artisans, but they do not trust people right away and are quieter. Guardians are detail-orientated. They do not like to make decisions until all the facts are known and are not spontaneous at all. They have trouble making commitments.

Rational types become very focused on the goal, and can be insensitive to others because the most important thing is achieving the goal. They are therefore much different from the artisan. Rational types tend to dominate conversations and decision-making. They end up being in leadership positions but can be domineering and like to control everything.

Idealists can be shy, and they tend to daydream. They are committed more to inner goals like self-development, than to outer or materialistic goals. They are good at inspiring others, in a sense of getting people to follow their deepest dreams. Principles are important to the idealist.

IIIb. My personality is Artisan + ISFP

It is no surprise that I am an Artisan type, because I am a dancer and many performers are of the artisan personality type. The Kiersey personality type also corresponds with my Myers-Briggs type, which is ISFP. Although I thought I would be more an extrovert, my test shows I am an introvert. This means that my inner world is important to me. This is proven in the way I make many decisions based on inner cues, rather than on logic or external cues. I enjoy helping, serving, and entertaining others because I feel I have gifts to share. It is possible that I take life too seriously sometimes, because I weigh what other people say carefully. I like people and do not want to hurt anyone.

My relationships show that I certainly exhibit characteristics of being an artisan and an ISFP. I forgive very easily, and perhaps too easily. I am not the best judge of character, because if someone makes me feel good I might trust them when I really shouldn't. I am trying to learn from my mistakes, without sacrificing my genuine and trusting nature. I tend to be empathetic and sympathetic, because I care when others are in pain. This causes others to sometimes take advantage of me. I rarely like to be totally in control of any situation and especially a relationship. Nor do I like being controlled. I mistrust hierarchy, rules, and people in power.

Part of being an artisan personality is an appreciation for spontaneity. This seems to contradict my tendency to take life too seriously, but it is not. I do not mind making mistakes. It's just that I take other people's feelings seriously and have a tendency to brood when things don't go the way I want. I also tend to cave in before I fully assert my point because harmony is more important than being right.

I definitely think outside the box, as artisans tend to do. My preference is to think independently but act collectively. I like being around others a lot but also need to have personal space. I have goals, but I need to pursue them in my own way and in my own time. I don't want to buy into the "system" but I am not going to be crazy, because I take life too seriously to do anything stupid. I also value common sense, even if I am creative and appreciate the use of intuition and spontaneity. People perceive me as being happy-go-lucky, and see my attitude as being cheerful and positive. However, I remain introverted and am sometimes thinking about things a lot deeper than people might think. My intuition is very valuable to me in making judgments about people, which I do not based on what they look like but how they make me feel. This makes me a valuable… [END OF PREVIEW]

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