Narrative in Narcotic Anonymous Grade Essay

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Narrative in Narcotic Anonymous


months recovery:


I always wanted to become a doctor. Regardless of this passion, I ended up studying Business Administration mainly because of my incompetent and low grades. The moment when this news was disclosed, I was shattered. I felt like a failure. I planned to commit suicide but I did not succeed at it. I guess I was a loser. Taking pills was the only option which could solve this pain. This grew with time till the point when I started skipping classes just to stay at home or attend a party and get high. It was not until one night that there was a police raid at the club we were at. They were arresting everyone. It was a state of unrest and commotion where every individual was hiding in search of security. I closed my eyes and prayed with all my devotion. I prayed to God to save me from this mess. I was afraid of spending my life in jail. I was more scared off my parents getting to know what I was into. I prayed hard and luckily God saved me. Even today, in the process of recovery, God is helping me at every step to become clean and sober.

Narrative 2

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My addiction was to such an extent that it made me helpless. Every time I decided to give up, I felt a higher desire to take a pill. It was a family dinner where we were the hosts. Coming back from college, I came across a bunch of people talking about me. They weren't complaining how I am but rather they were praising me for my good character. I could see the pride and shine in the eyes of my mum. I was guilty and scared. These people were still unaware of my actual personality. That was the time I went straight to my room and threw away all the pills. I cried that whole night. I was unable to sleep because whenever I closed my eyes, I could see the proud face of my mum. That was the first time when I stayed away from drugs for a complete one week.

Narrative 3

Essay on Narrative in Narcotic Anonymous Grade Assignment

I can still recall the day when I got home and my parents were waiting for me. Their stern faces were a signal to something going wrong. Nobody said anything. My mom stood up and handed me a packet. When I opened it I found some marijuana and meth. I started shivering but nobody listened. I was thrown out of my house. I pleaded saying that I have quitted taking drugs but nobody believed. That night I went from one friend's house to the other in the hope of someone accepting me and giving a shelter. Nothing happened. Once again, while travelling the streets like a nomad, I cried praying to God to help me find refuge. Luckily, God helped. Sam, one of my old school friends who was unaware of my drug addiction, let me in. While staying with her, I came to know how clean she was. She had a unique connection with God. This made me reflect upon all the times when God helped me out of trouble. I realized it was time to change. His blessings are helping me remove all the impurities.

Narrative 4

I always believed in some higher Authority which would help me in the times of great difficulty. But after His help, I used to forget him because I only remembered Him in the times of need. My faith in him today, at times appears to be so unbelievable because I never thought that my feelings of helplessness and misery would soon diminish when I get connected to him. I was a fool when I thought drugs were the solution to my terrible fate. When I discuss this feeling with other addicts, I can see how close we have become to our spiritual healer. We were living our lives in a fool's paradise.

Narrative 5

I spend hours talking to God because it gives me peace. It sheds away the anger boiling inside me. It has given me an opportunity to peek inside myself and see an enlightened soul. I do not face any shame and discomfort in facing people. This is mainly because I have shared all my wrong doings to God. He never abused or disapproved me. Instead sharing made me feel light. It also made me realize that the disapproval of my parents was also correct. I no longer blame them. Any parent would react in a similar manner. God gave me courage to apologize for the pain I have caused them.

Narrative 6

In this recovery process I have started seeing life as a blessing. My parent accepted me especially seeing me recover. God has given me so much strength that I rarely feels the desire to get high. I often reflect back upon my past. Not getting into medical would be for my betterment. I have started seeing things in a positive way. Maybe I would have never been able to become a doctor or maybe some other worse circumstances would have come in front of me. I feel different, happier and satisfied with whatever I am today.

Narrative 7

My grades have improved. My teachers say that if I continue working this hard I may get distinction in several disciplines. People have started trusting me and I have started trusting God. I know I am on the right path. The disappointments have greatly reduced from the moment I have stepped on to this path. I spend hours prostrating. I regularly attend the Sunday sermons. Moreover, I have started to move in public because I know that I am not only liked by my God but also everyone around me.

Narrative 8

It was recently when I was out at a college part that friends offered me a sniff. They told me it is okay to have some weekend fun. This time, I did not accept their offer and I was rather happy at my resistance power and the self-control which I remarkably had. They went away calling me a coward and a loser. I just smiled warning them and trying to bring them on the similar path before it is too late. I am glad that I have left that path at the right moment and I accredit such a success to God because without Him, I would have been in such a miserable state where no human being could help.

Narrative 9

There are moments when my past appears to be so dark that it makes my present difficult. Initially, I used to spend hours fretting and regretting over what I have done with my own self. I was on the path of destruction but God saved me. I still feel bad recalling the time when I used to blame God for putting me in all the trouble. Verily, it is only because of Him that I am improving day by day. I have a strong will to change and continue on this path. For this reason, I plan to counsel others especially those teenagers who are vulnerable to self-destruction. I don't want anyone to follow my footsteps.

Narrative 10

I have started living it and feeling the change. It is rejuvenating. I no longer feel exhausted. It is like the more I am in connection with God, the more I discover myself. It's amazing to feel the peace. I don't feel hopeless or depressed because I have my complete trust in the higher power. I know I would no longer be called a drug addict. I will be fresh and healthy like a kid who plays in the rain and enjoys the beauty of the nature. This hope has come up because of the blessings which god has bestowed upon me and the strong bond I have formed with him.

Case 2

Narrative 1

Being the youngest in the family, I have been the favorite and the most pampered child. I was born in an environment where I had all the luxuries of life which every person wishes for. For this reason, taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, going to dance club were practiced as a tradition of being rich. I never cared about my future. I never worried about love, grades or health because I thought money could buy everything. I was wrong. My luxuries became a source of poverty for me. The damage which drugs did to me was worse than a beggar in rags. I am still paying for this destruction despite being surrounded by God's generosity.

Narrative 2

I got into drugs because of my willingness. I wanted to have that typical lifestyle of the rich which included golf as well as pot. I wanted to benefit from all those things which provided pleasure. I was too much into sex. I never cared about people I have been with. Love, loyalty and trust just looked good… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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