Narrative Tired From Lack of Sleep Essay

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Tired from lack of sleep, I stumbled down the carpeted steps, dreading yet another boring and mundane summer day. As my feet hit the cold, marble tiles, a room full of noise and choas welcomed me as usual. There was a combination of the full-volume television show my younger brother Ted was currently watching, and my mom's constant chatter on the telephone. Opening the refrigerator door, I grabbed the container of Tropicana orange juice, and filled my glass halfway. As I sat down at the breakfast table, I mentally began making a list of all the tasks that awaited me when I was suddenly interrupted by mother. "Elaine," she said while cupping the phone receiver with her hand, "Tell Ted that Suncoast sent a letter from him, and it's in the green bowl." Ted was soon going to be a freshman at Suncoast, the same high school I was already attending, and due to his lack of interest in anything my mom said, I was usually the one relaying all messages from her to him.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Narrative Tired From Lack of Sleep, I Assignment

Ted!," I shouted, trying to overpower the blasting television, "There's a letter for you in the kitchen bowl. Mom said to read it." Without letting his eyes wander from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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