Nathaniel Bacon's Rebellion Essay

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What Bacon Writes

According to Bacon's own account, as mentioned above, which is a piece deserving of close examination, the facts were both the same and a bit different in the case of this particular rebellion. In that which regards the reasons for the rebellion, for instance, Bacon writes that the main causes for it having occurred were the incredible injustices and the lack of economic rights for the entire population. Bacon writes the his rebellion was based on these injustices, which included, as stated above, high taxation but lack of economic and financial means for the population not aligned with Governor Berkeley who, furthermore, was feeling threatened by the Native American Attacks. However, what is different is that in Bacon's writing this 'corruption' clause is stressed above all others, and he underlines time and again just how unjust the governor is. In the excerpt below, for instance, taken from the pamphlet this is very much evident:

"…let us observe the sudden Rise of their Estates composed with the Quality in wch they first entered this Countrv Or the Reputation they have held here amongst wise and discerning men, […]

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And lett us see wither their extractions and Education have not bin vile, And by what pretence of learning and vertue they could soe soon into Imployments of so great Trust and consequence, let us consider their sudden advance-ment and let us also consider wither any Pu'blick work for or safety and defence or for the Advancemt and propogation of Trade, liberall Arts or sciences is here Extant in any [way] ada-quate to or vast chardg, […]

now let us compare these things togit [her] and see what spounges have suckt up the Publiqtue Treas-ure and wither it hath not bin privately contrived away by un-worthy Favourites and juggling Parasite…"


TOPIC: Essay on Nathaniel Bacon Bacon's Rebellion: An Assignment

By taking matters into his own hands Bacon was able to successfully shift the relations between the different segments of the population. Though Bacon died before he could see all the changes take place, he did improve the situation for the better, in the end. In the excerpt above especially, however, Bacon shows that an unjust system will eventually, especially in America, be overturned and this is proven by history as well. It is interesting to thus analyze this primary source, for it gives the firsthand glimpse and the tone of the insurrection, as well as details effectively the discontents of early colonial America, from which one can learn very much about history and early American politics.

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Bacon Rebellion Essay

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