Native American and African Essay

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Native American and African Tribal

Discussing with regard to Native American and African religious expression is somewhat problematic when considering the numerous religious ideas present in these two cultures. Even with this, one can easily find a series of parallels and differences when going in-depth and gaining a more complex understanding of how African tribes and Native American tribes perceive the concept of religion. The fact that religious ideas promoted by Native American tribes and African tribes are tightly connected to concepts like spirituality and a person's relationship with the natural world makes it possible for someone to comprehend why particular aspects of these two cultures might seem alike.

It would be wrong to associate particular religions to either of these two communities, as one can only reach a conclusion concerning religious customs in each of the two by discovering similarities between the many cultural values that shaped religious concepts both in Native American and in African tribal communities. As a consequence, when considering religious customs in Native American history and in African tribal history, one needs to keep in mind that it is only by generalizing that he or she can come up with a certain set of principles characteristic to each culture.

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Animism is an important idea both in Native American religious culture and in tribal African religious culture. Native Americans and African tribes expressed particular interest in the significance of spirituality and of souls. Individuals in both cultures appeared to consider that a person needs to respect the spiritual aspect of life and concentrate on living in agreement with a set of rules in order for him or her to avoid coming across significant problems.

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