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The purpose of Tracks was to tell its audience about the history, which lay behind the American Natives. Albert Hurtado and Peter Inverson in their novel Major Problems in American Indian History focus this similar theme. The book intends to relate the Indian history by revealing extensive, dissension and pedagogic diversity. The novel once again points out the many problems faced by the Indians, which is told in a form of a story in Tracks by Nanapush.

Erdrich Louise's work Tracks have been critically analyzed for the tensions between Christianity and Chippewa religion. Many say that the tension between the two is probably due to the multi-cultural heritage of the writer herself. Like any other people, the Chippewa Indians are highly spiritual and turn to their gods in time of hardships. With the coming of the White people, who were basically Europeans Indians were forced to relinquish their faith and religion. In the beginning of the novel Fleur is introduced to the audience as a spiritually and a physically strong person. She is only person in her family who survives the terrible illness due to the nursing care of Nanapush. Immediately after she recovers from her illness, Fleur opts to go back to her home. Such a behavior, which causes a seventeen-year-old girl to leave her house and live alone, is never heard of before. The manner in which Fleur performs things never leads the audience to believe that she is intending to convert to the Christianity. Nanapush says,

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It didn't occur to me until later too wonder if it didn't go both ways, though, if Fleur had wound her private hairs around the buttons of Eli's shirt, if she had stirred smoky powders or crushed snake root in his tea. Perhaps she had bitten his nails in sleep, swallowed the ends, snipped threads from his clothing and made doll to wear between her legs (Tracks, Pg. 49).

While having complications with the birth of her second child, Fleur refuses to go about the White ways, hence conforming that she has no faith in the Christianity.

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Nanapush does not come under the influence of the Christian faith but does employ the knowledge parted by Christianity to achieve what he desires. Pauline on the other hand refuses to believe in the faith of the Native Indian and proclaims herself to be a catholic. Hence the book portrays the clash between the Chippewa religion and Christianity.

The study of all the novels show the decreasing influence of the Native Americans and their lost cultural heritage. In order to preserve the Indian culture most of it ornaments are being displayed in museums. The value of reading these novels is great as they help a reader fully understand the Native American cultural heritage and the problems they encountered as a result of White settlers.


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