Native American Literature Annotated Bibliography

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Native American Lit

Wise, Bill and Bill Farnsworth (ill.). Louis Sockalexis: Native American Baseball Pioneer. New York: Lee & Low, 2007.

ISBN: 1584302690 9781584302698, 31 pages, color illustrations, IRA Children's Book Award, Carter G. Woodson Book Award. Juvenile audience.

A biography of professional baseball player Louis Sockalexis. Growing up in the late nineteenth century, Louis' dreams of becoming a baseball player were ridiculed because he was Native American. His success did not end the racism that plague him. Despite this, he managed to achieve his personal dreams and erode the racial barriers in this country to some degree.

-Somewhat overly simplistic in language given the subject matter; could be made more challenging

-Brevity of presentation allows for a quick yet highly informative read

-Illustrations well-matched to the text, yet not entirely necessary

Research the treatment of Native Americans in the 1800s and present your findings

Write a story about another historical attempt to break down a similar barrier

Draw a picture of the crowd you would see at a baseball game today

Share a time when you were treated unfairly and what you did to combat this

Take turns as different characters acting out a scene from the book

Capaldi, Gina. A Boy Named Beckoning. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books, 2008.

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ISBN: 9780822576440 0822576449, 32 pages, illustrations (some color), Independent Publisher Book Awards, other nominations. Juvenile audience.

Recounts the story of the man known as Carlos Montezuma, a Native American doctor and advocate. Kidnapped at a young age by another tribe, Wassaja is eventually bought by an Italian man who raises him as Carlos. He attends medical school, becomes a successful doctor, and spends his life advocating for Native American rights.

-Very informative and easy to follow with interest.

TOPIC: Annotated Bibliography on Native American Literature Assignment

-Illustrations largely unnecessary.

-Quick pace without skimping on too much detail.

Research what it takes to become a doctor, and report your findings.

Write a plan for how you will become what you want to be.

Create a campaign poster to obtain Native American rights for a 19th century issue.

Debate a current issue facing Native American tribes in the U.S.

Write a brief report on another little-known Native American figure.

Steptoe, John. The Story of Jumping Mouse. New York: Lothrop, Lee, and Shepard, 1984.

ISBN: 0688019021 9780688019020, 40 pages, illustrated, Caldecott nominated. Juvenile literature.

Recounts a Native American legend in an illustrated and somewhat modernized version. With the help of an unselfish Frog, Jumping Mouse goes on a long journey. He eventually finds what he is seeking, ending with a stunning transformation that even he did not expect.

-Rich illustrations greatly enhance the storytelling aspect.

-Somewhat traditionalized storytelling method nonetheless preserves the elements of the original myth in a compelling manner

-Emotionally and intellectually stirring

Draw a picture of Jumping Mouse's transformation… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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