Native American Responses to Anglo Essay

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Native Americans and Westward Expansion

Although the period in American history known as Westward Expansion brings to mind covered wagons of settlers moving to develop open land in the West, the West had been settled, and explored, far before this era. In fact, during the colonial times, the French, Spanish, and even Russians, joined the British in exploring and colonizing the new world ("American Westward Movement" 2008). For the Americans, Westward expansion meant the furthering of a nation, new business opportunities, and exotic lands. For the Native Americans, it meant tears.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Native American Responses to Anglo American Assignment

The Native American reaction to Westward expansion and nation building was filled with sorrow. This is to be expected, based on what the Americans forced the Native Americans to give up so that they could expand. One of the precious resources that the Americans asked the Native Americans to give up was their land. The story of the Choctaw tribe is a prime example of this. Although their first experience with Europeans resulted in a particularly bloody battle for the tribe, they actually aided the colonists turned Americans in the Creek war of 1813. Thus, they reacted in an accommodating fashion. But the tribe lived on the desired lands… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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