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Coyote is often cunning and shrewd, but in this tale, Skunk outwits him, and Coyote becomes the fool. The entire story takes place in nature, with no interaction by man. The Native Americans knew enough not to interfere with nature, they lived most harmoniously with it, and allowed the natural world to shape their own.

In this, the Native Americans were far different from even Thoreau. He enjoyed and appreciated the natural beauty surrounding him, but he did not live "in" it, he was outside, looking in. He still walked the mile to town to visit friends and get a hot meal occasionally. The Native Americans lived on the land, and with the land. They were a part of their natural surroundings, and did not need to leave to live.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Native American Trickster Tales "Coyote, Assignment

Americans today could learn some valuable lessons from the Native Americans, and even Thoreau. As a society, most of us rarely take time to really enjoy nature around us, and we certainly do not live as a part of nature. The natural world is not only diminishing, it is becoming less and less a part of our lives. We no longer have the time to sit and "smell the roses," and because of it, there is a great void in our lives. Reading these stories helps modern Americans glimpse just a little bit of the natural world, and get an idea of how much more important it used to be in the day-to-day lives of people. It is important to read and remember to get more of an appreciation of the natural world around us, and what…
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