Native Americans Are Generally Perceived as Being Book Report

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Native Americans are generally perceived as being an inferior civilization, mostly because the technology they owned at the time of their interaction with Europeans was substandard. However, taking into account data recently discovered, it becomes obvious that they managed to develop rapidly without having possession of the means that assisted their counterparts in Eurasia in experiencing progress

Native Americans were underestimated across time, particularly during the last five centuries, as newcomers imposed their cultural values on America's first inhabitants with no regard to the harm they provoked.

Although the masses are not acquainted with most of the technological triumphs achieved by people inhabiting the American continent previous to the fifth century, present day archeologists prove that American civilizations were actually very complex and thriving.

There is much controversy regarding the time when the American continent was first colonized, considering that until recently most individuals believed that the first people came into the territory thirteen thousand years ago, by crossing the Bering Strait. According to certain scientists, there were five waves of settlement on the American continent before Columbus's first landing.

Theorists claim that one of the first human settlements in America goes back fifty thousand years, but there is little data to prove that this is actually true. Chilean artifacts show that it is very likely for the American continent to have contained human settlements thirty thousand years ago.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Book Report on Native Americans Are Generally Perceived as Being Assignment

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