Native Americans Are the Indigenous Essay

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The Europeans initiated dominance and superiority from the first time they interacted with the Native Americans. After the Europeans had dominated the land which was occupied by the Native Americans, they went ahead to oppress them and suppress their cultures. After the revolutionary war, the new United States government sought to gain land through treaties of which payment offered for the land was from fair. When Native Americans resisted surrendering their homeland, the United States government simply used superior military power to evict them.

Racism is the basis for discrimination. It is the systematic practice of denying people access to the most crucial resources and necessities in their lives. In an effort of Native Americans to obtain much of the Northern American land, there was a long series of war, massacre and forced displacements, restriction of food rights and imposition of treaties. Land was taken away and numerous hardships were imposed. Till today Native Americans remain among the economically disadvantaged group in the country. After their territories were incorporated, many surviving Native Americans were ranked low than before and were only given 4% of United States territory and treaties that were signed with them were violated.

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Politics has impacted positively on the lives of Native Americans since they are able to vote for their people to become leaders. To them getting their people into the office has become a natural step. They have started recruitment campaigns and training seminars for political candidates looking at ways to increase their representatives in state and local posts so that they can deal with the problem s faced by the Native Americans such as discrimination.

TOPIC: Essay on Native Americans Are the Indigenous Assignment

Patricia Yelavich (2008) says that public policies have opened up the natives minds to new things that will benefit their future and the future of their native people. Public policies have also given the Native Americans students opportunity to learn more about the Native American policy structure and to be able to speak and share with their own tribes. Public policies have taught natives about education legislation, water rights settlements, health care and land reacquisition.


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