Native Americans Term Paper

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Native Americans

Over the years, the United States has exerted oppressive force over the Native American Indians who were in this country long before settlers arrived from Europe. Not only did the white European settlers cheat, rape, and steal from the Natives; they also managed to decimate nearly the entire Native American population. Native American tribes are now forced to live on reservations that are technically separate from the rest of the United States of America, although their sovereignty is still an ongoing matter of debate.

The Supreme Court has assumed in recent years that although non-Indians have the right to be free from political control by Indian nations, American Indians can and should be subject to the political sovereignty of non-Indians. This disparate treatment of both property and political rights is not the result of neutral rules being applied in a manner that has a disparate impact. Rather, it is the result of formally unequal rules. Moreover, it can be explained only by reference to perhaps unconscious assumptions about the nature and distribution of both property and power. This fact implies an uncomfortable truth: both property rights and political power in the United States are associated with a system of racial caste. (Singer 4)

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The constant struggles for Indian sovereignty against the United States government came to a forefront in 1973 at the infamous standoff at Wounded Knee. On February 27, 1973, followers of the American Indian Movement occupied the town of Wounded Knee in South Dakota for seventy-one days while U.S. Marshals laid siege. The event nearly sparked off a civil war, and brought Indians' constant struggle for sovereignty to the public eye.

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