Natural/Holistic Medication Essay

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Upon the introduction of antibiotics, the herb fell out of favor but is slowly gaining back its position in the market as it works well against certain bacterial infections than antibiotics (Aiken-Augusta Holistic Health, Inc., (2011).

Echinacea works by activating chemicals in the body which reduce inflammation hence reduce symptoms of cold. It is also scientifically said to stimulate the body's immune system and contains chemicals that can attack some kind of fungi directly. Echinacea can commercially be found in form of tablets which are administered by giving two tablets three times a day, juice which is freeze dried and extracted, root tincture, liquid (Echinagard) which should be given 20 drops every 2 hours for the first day of symptoms then three times daily and tea which is not as effective. Theses doses are all orally taken and should not be interacted with caffeine or immunosuppressant.

Long-term use of Echinacea can however be unsafe for most people because it may cause side effects like nausea, insomnia, dry mouth, joint and muscle aches or fever. On the other hand Echinacea should also be avoided by people who have allergic reactions towards daisies or those who suffer from diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus or one who is pregnant or breastfeeding. This is because it may worsen the independent immune tissue damage.

It should however be noted that Echinacea should not be used as a preventive measure for colds and sore throats but should be used a curative measure once the person detects the cold and the sore throat has started.


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Essay on Natural/Holistic Medication Holistic Medication Is Assignment

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