Nature Is Being Apart From Humanity Term Paper

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Nature Is Being Apart From Humanity

Nature and Humanity

Together and Yet Apart Purpose:

The purpose of this work is to explore the destruction of nature and how that is separating humanity and nature even though all exist on the same planet and each are dependent on one another in the maintenance of a delicate balance that is necessary for the existence of all.

Man and nature have co-existed on this planet called Earth for many millennia however, there is presently in existence am imbalance that has been created by man's overindulgence and selfish greed. The beginning of this indulgence and greed is as old as mankind itself however the present population load on Earth has culminated in over-use, over-consumption and has resulted in the over-taxation of the planet and its' species of nature which are illustrated in the plant and fauna as well as the animal kingdom of the planet.

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The Earth is presently undergoing what many scientists claim is a 'pole-shift' which is on a cyclic schedule of approximately 3,600 years and has been blamed for the flood and other species-altering events such as the extinction of the dinosaurs that once roamed the earth. Other scientists claim that it is the greenhouse carbon gases in the atmosphere that has culminated in the presently observed global warming and the accompanying melting of both the Artic and Antarctic polar ice caps and even the ice shelf at the Southern pole of the earth, which at one time was believed to never melt.

Term Paper on Nature Is Being Apart From Humanity Assignment

The one sure thing is that man's poor management of the earth, its' animal species and its' resources has led to a time in which the animals that are consumed for food have exotic new rapidly spreading diseases and the abuse of genetics has led to an engineered species that renders all natural species in its' radius sterile and unable to produce. Furthermore, genetic testing has implanted pieces of human brains into mice and the unheard of and unspeakable stands upon the stage and the curtain is opening to reveal mankind's separation from that which has sustained since the beginning of time and that being the natural order of life. So often mankind looks upon the animals of the earth as possessions that can be used utterly in any imaginable way perceived. However, at such times as after the Tsunami Scientists tell of how the animals fled before the huge wage struck killing hundreds of thousands of people and it leaves one to realize that perhaps something vital has been lost or thrown away like a cheap and forgotten toy. One reporter working the clean-up after the Tsunami tells of the stench of death and while this is titillating the most amazing part of the report is how the elephants were helping to locate the dead and upon finding the corpse of a victim would put its' trunk to the ground and began swaying back an forth as though in a mourning dance with tears streaming down it's face.

Recent News Reports:

A. Climate:

According to NASA 2005 may just be the warmest year ever recorded. Gardner (2005) the February 11, 2005 report states that: "A weak El Nino and human-made greenhouse gases could make 2005 the warmest year since records started being kept in the late 1800's, NASA scientists said this week. Stating that,."..when warm water spreads over much of the tropical Pacific Ocean -- affect global temperatures, the increasing role of human-mad pollutants plays a big part." NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York James Hansen stated that: "There has been a strong warming trend over the past 30 years, a trend that has been shown to be due primarily to increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere." Gardner (2005)

B. Birds:

According to a February 9, 2005 report by the Associated Press Fairbanks Alaska is witnessing "an increasing number of redpolls...dying off in the Fairbanks area this winter, baffling wildlife biologists. Experts had suspected the red-capped finches were dying of salmonellas, but preliminary cultures did not confirm the presence of the bacteria." The report stated that according to Kimberlee Beckman, wildlife veterinarian with the Alaska Department of Game and Fish sent tissue samples to the state health lab. Beckman said that it is likely that the next die-off is a mycoplasma organism however that the "dead redpolls do not have corresponding symptoms.... Whatever the culprit is, it's likely being passed from bird to bird at feeders." (AP Report 2005)

C. Water:

The 1980's witnessed the first use of a gasoline additive that improved combustion by the available oxygen being increased. Although this additive called MTBE or Methyl tertiary butyl ether reduces the emissions of carbon monoxide and ozone by automobiles it also contains a carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent that dissolves into the ground water very easily and "migrates quickly in soils and aquifers, and is resistant to biodegradation and difficult to remove from contaminated water." Dischinger (2005) Reportedly recently released reports by the Pew Oceans Commission and the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy: "have confirmed the ecological health of the ocean and made recommendations for change sin U.S. Policy and management.

D. Game and Wildlife:

An Associated Press February 10, 2005 Associated Press report from Jackson, Wyoming states that "Moose populations in western Wyoming have fallen so low that the Game and Fish Department is considering closing the hunting season in parts of the region." Further revealed is the "teaming up of the Wyoming Game and Fish Board and the Department of Transportation in an attempt to understand exactly why numbers in terms of population of the Moose are falling and to hopefully find a remedy to the situation. According to the Game and Fish spokesman Mark Gocke the study in inclusive of fitting approximately 40 to 45 of the animals with a global positioning system radio collar towards the end of biologists "studying the animal's movements over the next two years."(AP Report 2005 Feb 10) Joel Berger, senior scientist, Wildlife Coinservation Society, demonstrated through a ten-year study of wolves that the wolves had very little effect on the population of the moose accounting for only a mere 2% of Moose deaths. The culprits according to Berger are that of "malnutrition and starvations" with grizzly bears causing 14 to 18% of Moose deaths and car crashes totally 8%. (AP 2005 Feb 10 report)

E. Trees and Fauna:

According to a report in relation to "hardwood trees" and specifically that of the tropical variety states that "world consumption of tropical hardwoods has multiplied nearly 25 times in the last four decades to more than 100 billion board feet of tropical hardwoods now being consumed each year...the world's tropical rainforests are being destroyed at the rate of 35 to 50 million acres each year, along with them the world's supply of tropical hardwoods." This is a supreme example of the extreme imbalance that presently exists upon the earth and it's resources in relation to man's management and use of the earth's provisions. Lands have been cleared for purposes of grazing livestock; urban development, mining and drilling for oil and for the sheer greed factor in the world. Strip mining land of its' trees that provides a canopy for the forests as well as contributing to the richness of the soil through falling and decomposing leaves have been stripped of the trees, plants and faunas and therefore of the mineral richness that once existed in the soil. Furthermore, the cutting sites create what is referred to as silt, a type of sawdust that makes its way into the creeks, rivers, lakes and streams clogging up the branches and tributaries stagnating once clean and clear drinking water and turning the water sources into the cesspools that breed bacteria killing fish and plants life. The biodiversity is destroyed in the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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