Nature vs. Nurture Chapter

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Behaviors breed true in successive generations of organisms.

Behaviors change in response to alterations in biological structures.

Some behaviors run in human families

Behavior has an evolutionary history that persists across species." (McInerney, 2008).

One means of testing this hypothesis would be by conducting a research study. McInerney describes the traditional research strategies used in behavioral genetics, studies of twins and adoptees, techniques that are designed to sort biological from environmental influences (2008). Investigators have also added the search for pieces of DNA associated with particular behaviors.

One twin study reported by Harden, Turkheimer, and Loehlin (2006) found that shared environmental influences were stronger for adolescents from poorer homes, while genetic influences were stronger for more affluent homes. Harden et al. concluded that environmental differences between middle- to upper-class families influence the expression of genetic potential for intelligence (2006). One could argue then, that environmental factors similarly affect the expression of basketball smarts.

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The question of how genes influence behavior remains unanswered. What is clear at this point, according to McInerney, is that "No single gene determines a particular behavior. Behaviors are complex traits involving multiple genes that are affected by a variety of other factors" (2008). The respective roles of nature vs. nurture, and their relative importance, remain to be clarified.

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The Nature of Nurture. (2010). Association for Psychological Science. Retrieved March 30, 2011 from [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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