Nature Is That Opposites Attract Term Paper

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When Adam came to know about the consequences of Eve's mistake he didn't trust God and quickly ate the fruit. This couple's behavior is reflected in all relationships among human beings, and between human beings and nature, etc.

Bible and Environmental Crisis

In Christianity, the environment issue is friendly. The Bible states that no one lives or dies to himself (Rom. 14:8), this means that there is interdependence among all living things and we live at the will of God.

The Protestant ethics is responsible for present practices of environmental exploitation. Since they believed that t humans could dominate and control the Earth (Gen. 1:28). Whereas the reality is that humanity can reproduce, with living beings and their environment, the same relations of care and love determined by Him during Creation. By telling Adam about the kind of work he would perform in Eden, God stated the first Environmental Protection Act (Gen. 2:15), which implied that there was to be a friendly relationship between humans and their Creator.

The ecological perception from the Bible's point-of-view is that life does not belong to a person, but to everyone. The basic purpose of Environmental studies and Ecology is to revive the original aspect of a perfect planet.

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Jesus' warning about this sort of worldview is revealed in the parable of the disloyal steward, in which his master expects him to take care of the master' house and his servants (Luke 12:42-48). In a more decisive statement, Jesus advises us that there will come the time for Him to "destroy those who destroy the earth" (Rev. 1:18).

Ever since mankind and other living things were created, God laid out a special role for nature. He found the first school in the Garden of Eden, with live lessons before our first parents and was a source of instructions for them. God laid down that as the human family grew it should establish other homes and schools similar to the first founded by Him.

Term Paper on Nature Is That Opposites Attract Assignment

Jesus taught his disciples, within nature, to help them with the responsibilities they had to take up. He taught them next to the mountains, or the sea, in a boat, and even during walks.

Religiously, the best way of effectively handling the environmental issue if through proper integration of faith and studies and in accordance to what has been planned by God in Eden.

We can never handle environmental crisis in isolation from the plan God has made. We should hope for change and nature's salvation.


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