NCTM's Agenda for Action and Standards Term Paper

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Over time, new generations of students come equipped with unique and different background knowledge. In the 1980s, NCTM, or the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, launched a new Agenda for Action. American students had moved from a largely agricultural-based society to one that was focused on science, technology, and information. NCTM provides the blueprints from which mathematic curriculum is built across the country. In order to meet the needs of a changing society, they felt the urgent need to update the mathematic standards to fit the students of the 80s, and they continue to update the standards for today's students (Krulic, 2003, p. 21).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on NCTM's Agenda for Action and Standards Assignment

Many updates were made to the Agenda for Action in 2000. In the 1989 version, four standards, called process standards, were presented and reached across all grade levels, k-12: problem solving, communications, reasoning, and connections. When updated in 2000, the fifth standard of representation was added. This new process standard suggested that students now learn in reasoning skills, strategies for solving problems, understand relationships between different types of mathematics, as well as the relationships between mathematics and the other disciplines (Krulic, 2003, p. 22). Several changes were made. Communication skills, which had been long overlooked when teaching mathematics, was now being emphasized through writing, listening, and other communication about math (Krulic, 2003, p. 22-23). Connections were also being focused on, looking at the mathematical discipline as a single unit rather than numerous smaller individual parts (Krulic, 2003, p. 23). The process standards suggested a large shift in grade placement and content levels… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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