Ndes a Near Death Experience Essay

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Therefore, it is highly likely that researchers working with the assumption that near death experiences teach us about life after death work under a biased presupposition.

Potential for Future Research

Because it can be studied from a scientific, spiritual, psychological, or cultural perspective, the near death experience offers the means to bridge the gaps between these disciplines. Scientists studying the near death experience "support the need for a radical revision of mainstream views concerning the relationship between the brain and consciousness," (Braithwaite, 2008). Near death experiences have been linked with experiences of telepathy (Blackmore, n.d.). The link with telepathy suggests that studying the person's brainwaves and psychological state before, during, and after the experience could yield potent information about consciousness and reality; these are the questions to which both science and religion strive. Talbot (1991) frames the near death experience in phenomenological terms, positing that they represent a holographic model of the universe. Likewise, Kenneth Ring upholds the notion that a near death experience offers much more than a way to contend with mortality on an individual level. These experiences could offer insight into the very nature of reality.


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TOPIC: Essay on Ndes a Near Death Experience Assignment

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