Need and Feasibility in the Facility Design Process Essay

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¶ … facility design process.

Needs and feasibility in the facility design process

In the modern day society, more emphasis is coming to be placed on sports as a means to a healthier life. For the society and the economic agents, this trend materializes in an increased opportunity to create more sports centers and provide sports services to the population.

The ultimate success of a sports facility is directly dependent on a wide array of elements, such as its location, the staffs it employs, the motivation it transmits to the customers and so on. Another important criterion in the success of the sports center is represented by the design of the facility.

The construction of a sports facility is a complex and intricate effort, which can last up to several years. It is formed from several gradual stages, the Aquatic Sport Council having identified the following steps of the process: (1) the construction of the departmental master plan; (2) the approval from the council and the completion of the feasibility study; (3) the selection of the consultants; (4) the analysis of the process needs; (5) the development of the space program; (6) the master planning of the site; (7) the completion of the schematic design; (8) the completion of design development; (9) the construction of the documents; (10) the approval from the committee and the council; (11) the completion of the bidding and negotiation processes; (12) the second approval of the committee and the council; (13) the construction of the facility, and last (14) the evaluation in the post occupancy phase (Aquatic Sport Council, 2011).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Need and Feasibility in the Facility Design Process Assignment

The feasibility study -- the second phase in the process -- represents the assessment of the elements in a project in order to conclude whether they are feasible or not; on occasions, the feasibility study will also indicate the best course of action to be implemented in the design process. Some issues addressed throughout the feasibility study include the scope and budget of the project, the analysis of the site, the best strategy to develop the facility, the optimal size of the facility, the structural soundness of the building, the existence of additional costs and constraints and the preparation of the final reports (Spaces for Children, 2007).

The needs assessment -- the fourth phase in the design process -- is represented by the identification and analysis of the facility needs, such as space, resources and so on. The intriguing element at this stage is represented by the fact that the needs analysis does not focus on the immediate needs of the facility, required to open and initially operate the facility, but integrates the totality… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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